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Second Limited Passport

The U.S. Department of State will issue a second U.S. Passport limited to four years validity to those travelers, who at the Department's discretion, can establish their need for one.

Some recognized reasons for applying for the second limited U.S. Passport:

  • Your are a frequent traveler and very often you will be needing foreign visas while you are traveling and are unable to leave your primary passport with a foreign consulate.
  • You will be traveling to regions of the world where evidence of having previously traveled to certain countries might render you inadmissible to other certain countries (ie, Israel and certain Arab League destinations)

While it is lawful to be in possession of two U.S. Passports, it is not lawful to be in possession of two ten year validity U.S. Passports.

To qualify for the initial second limited passport, you must already be in possession of a valid ten year U.S. Passport in your current name and you must apply with form DS-82. You will be required to temporarily surrender your current ten year passport, to be returned uncanceled with the new 4 year passport.

Upon expiration of the 4 year passport, if you wish to renew it, you must again cite your reasons for continued need of it and be able to submit the expired (or soon to be expired) 4 year passport along with from DS-82.

If you do not currently possess a valid passport or your passport is mutilated, then you first need to submit form DS-11 for a new passport. Once the new ten year passport is obtained, you can apply for the second passport using Form DS-82. State Dept fees are the same for the limited 4 year passport as they are for the ten year.




Step 1 of 4: Gather your current valid primary U.S. passport

  • NOTE: for subsequent renewals of the Second Limited Passport, you only need to provide your expired or about to expire Second Limited. The primary passport is only necessary for the initial application of a Second Limited.

Step 2 of 4: Complete required documents

  • Application form – U.S. Department of State form DS-82 will be generated through the new U.S. Dept of State online wizard and will assign a 2D barcode to the upper LEFT side of the application form when printed.
    • Instructions: accept the Privacy Policy and then choose to apply for a Passport Book, Passport Card, or Both
    • Complete the appropriate form online
    • Print one (1) complete copy. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the generated application form. Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader here .
    • Please do not fold your printed DS-82 application form, as the U.S. Passport Agency will not accept folded applications. Folding may render a distorted image when placed on a flatbed scanner during the actual issuance process.
    • U.S. Dept of State Fees: $170
  • Supplemental Request Letter For a Second Limited U.S. Passport (to be submitted with form DS-82)
  • Casto Work Order Form
  • Confirmed itinerary for travel within 2 weeks or, if not available, Letter in Lieu of Travel Itinerary from your employer
  • Complete two (2) copies of the Letter of Authorization.
    • To complete the two (2) copies of the Letter of Authorization, kindly check the first two check boxes and complete the bottom part BY HAND IN BLUE INK (BY THE APPLICANT ONLY)
    • For the Courier Company Name, indicate Casto Travel.
    • Both copies must have an ORIGINAL signature. This will grant Casto complete authorization on your behalf to handle and discuss the status of your passport application with a U.S. Dept of State Passport Services employee.
    • The third check box should only be checked if you wish to be contacted directly by the U.S. Passport Agency in the event of a problem with your application. In this case, Casto would not be alerted by the Passport Agency in the event of a problem. This could delay your processing time!

Step 3 of 4: Take passport photos

  • Two (2) standard 2"x 2" passport photos recently taken (within last 6 months) with plain white background, taken without glasses. Photos must be on high quality photographic paper. Digital photos if submitted, must be of high resolution, no grainy photos will be accepted. We take high quality passport photos at our San Jose location.

Step 4 of 4: Send/bring documents to Casto

  • Visit a Casto location; or
  • Send via FedEx, UPS, DHL, or Priority Overnight service (standard U.S. Postal mail will not arrive in time) to: Casto Visa | Passport, 2560 North First Street, Suite 150, San Jose, CA 95131; or
  • Have our Courier Service pick up the documents from your office


Additional information and resources

  • Traveling with children under 15? See our special page for Children's Passports.
  • If your name changed you will need to complete the requirements for a passport amendment
  • If you are a current Casto client: Be sure to update your profile with your passport details and we'll send you a timely reminder to renew prior to your passport before expiration.
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In a rush?
If you can't wait for routine processing or have concerns with doing this through the regular channels, we offer end-to-end oversight and expedited services that can take less than 2 weeks. Contact us for more information: 800.832.3445 (8:00am - 5:30pm Pacific Time Monday - Friday)