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Scott Pierson hired as CIO


Scott Pierson hired as CIO for Casto Travel

San Jose, CA – May 23, 2018 – Casto Travel has hired Scott Pierson as Chief Information Officer (CIO). Scott has years of experience in security roles, having previously served as an IT and security consultant followed by a role as CIO for a bank and most recently serving as an executive for an encryption software company.

“I am looking forward to being a part of this forward thinking, Bay Area travel management company,” said Scott about the announcement. “Along with heightened security and privacy concerns, there are many opportunities to take advantage of new technology — from artificial intelligence to chatbots — to improve the traveler’s experience in booking and managing the enroute challenges that can occur.”

With the marked increase in technology, security, and information challenges taking place in the travel industry, combined with those that are happening across all industries, the hiring of a CIO for Casto has been discussed for a while. Finding the right person for this important role has been a challenge until now.

“I am excited and enthused to have Scott, an experienced security advisor with a banking background, be a part of our executive team as this role has become increasingly critical for our industry” said Marc Casto, CEO of Casto Travel. “There has been an ever increasing amount of cyber threats in our industry as well as new and unique regulatory requirements, including both GDPR and NDC. With Scott as our CIO, we are better armed to be proactive with our network security and supplier relations, for the benefit of our company and our clients. Likewise, his assistance with our AI initiatives is invaluable.”

“Corporate security, particularly as it relates to the very sensitive personal data inherent in travel, is front of mind for most companies,” said Fran Mincey, Casto’s VP of Global Sales and Strategic Business Solutions. “Year-to-date, every client implementation has required an exhaustive network analysis before we even discuss contracts. I’m looking forward to partnering with Scott to differentiate us when it comes to this new industry norm.”

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