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Casto names Director of Casto Vacations


Meredith Donaldson of Casto Travel named Director of Casto Vacations

San Francisco, CA – January 23, 2018 – Casto Travel named Meredith Donaldson as Director of Vacations for their Casto Vacations division. Shortly after graduating from the University of Oklahoma, Meredith joined Casto and served in nearly every capacity and role. When beginning as an agent, she rapidly acquired advisor skills and was the quickest to reach the $100K milestone in leisure sales even though she began without a client list. With this success, she launched her brand World Citizen Travel as an independent consultant with Casto, while continuing to invest in her knowledge of the trade. Upon her official return in the Business Development capacity within Casto she quickly grew our exposure in being a key member of the Signature Travel Network, launched a new leads program, and has started an intern-to-agent development track.

“I am both honored and humbled to be joining the strong talent at Casto Vacations as their new Director of Vacations,” said Meredith about the announcement. “I am excited by the opportunities to lead growth efforts in operations, marketing, industry relations, and recruitment. Being a travel advisor with Casto Vacations is not just a job, it’s also about becoming a member of an innovative, passionate team, widely considered as the best of the best in the travel industry here in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout the U.S. We are looking to give the brightest and the most talented advisors in the industry a home where they can grow and serve their clients at the highest level.”

In related news, Luxury Travel Advisor Donna Dyer has been tasked as a team lead in the role of Operations & Training Coordinator for Casto Vacations (implementing updated procedures and methods) and the Casto Vacations team has renewed their commitment to serving the San Francisco and Marin Counties by extending their lease agreements in both their downtown San Francisco and their Tiburon offices.

“I am thrilled to have Meredith, an innovator and a leader, take the helm of this important team at Casto” said Marc Casto, CEO of Casto Travel. “This is part of a strategic plan to grow our luxury travel business to the benefit of our advisors and our clients. With these changes, we are providing the best path possible for new-to-industry advisors while also providing best-in-class service to our clients anywhere in the U.S.”

With renewed focus, Casto will be investing time in recruiting efforts to secure advisors who have the same deep appreciation and knowledge of travel and destinations that currently exist on the Casto Vacations team.


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Casto Travel ( is a travel management company that grows and adapts to the needs of our clients. As a global family of travel professionals operating for over 40 years, Casto Travel is passionately committed to providing exceptional service to the needs of corporate, concierge, vacation, and group travelers. Through their knowledge, insight, and global partnerships, they are able to bring about the best travel management services possible.


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Casto Vacations ( creates curated luxury travel experiences complete with exclusive perks, insider tips, and custom tours. Casto advisors provide the knowledge, value, and distinction that bring about unforgettable travel experiences. They are a real-live network of people who live and breathe travel, work with best-in-class technology, and believe in the excitement of booking experiences that connect people to the world. With over 40 years of industry experience, Casto Vacations has developed preferred partnerships across the industry and is a proud member of Signature Travel Network.

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