Marco by Casto Travel

Traveler Centricity Meets Artificial Intelligence

Casto has partnered with Mezi, an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning service provider, to create a chat-based, travel booking app called Marco. Marco is a personal assistant for booking needs related to travel, including flights, hotels, and car rentals.

This is an exciting and exclusive service from Casto that is unlike any other travel app available. Marco delivers an easy and convenient booking experience for frequent travelers. It’s the culmination of over 40 years of our experience in travel.

Marco is currently available to select Casto Travel corporate clients. You may request an invitation by contacting your Casto liaison or have us contact you. Want to see Marco in action? Take a look at our YouTube Playlist, featuring several examples of how Marco is typically used by our corporate travelers, including the first time setting up the service and making hotel reservations.

Marco places the traveler at the center of the travel experience through its ease of use and convenient access to trusted industry experts.

Marc Casto, CEO
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The future of travel

As a Marco user, you will have access to the future of travel management technology through Casto Travel.

Our mobile application offers human-supported chatbots that are accessible any time of day. The more you use Marco, the better the artificial intelligence will get to know you and your travel preferences. Our chatbots are capable of securely storing your travel information and referencing it to send options that best fit your preferences.

Our unique application was designed to keep the traveler at the forefront.

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Marco highlights

  • Human supported chatbots
    (thinking, learning, solving problems)
  • Personalized service
    (at a whole new level)
  • Bookings made easy
    (via natural language communication)
  • Flights, hotels, and more
    (powered by artificial intelligence)
Intuitive and Personal
Machine Learning
Optimized Selections
Quick Confirmations