Ground Transportation

Enable, control and efficiently manage Lyft and Uber

Are your travelers using a ride sharing service like Lyft or Uber? For convenience and cost, these services are preferred by many travelers yet they haven't been well integrated into policies...until now.

We have finalized integrations with Uber for Business and Lyft Business to enable, control, and efficiently manage ground transportation spend throughout your organization.

I encourage the use of shared services and am very proud to provide our clients with the benefits from our strategic partnership with Uber and Lyft.

Fran, Team Lead

Enable, control and efficiently manage

Manually expensing a high volume line item like those for ground transportation can be a terrible experience for employees at the end of a trip. Without automation, expense administrators frequently end up with incomplete and inconsistent reporting for a whole segment of business travel. The result is unnecessary costs and frequent reprocessing of reports.

Casto has partnered with both companies to automate cost allocation, easily separate personal and business rides, and set policies for business rides. At the end of the month, you get a detailed, fully reconciled statement. The setup process is similar for both ride sharing services:

  • Talk with us.
  • Create a company account and set policies.
  • Invite employees that have business travel needs to your account.


With Uber, these are the top 5 benefits included in their 10% service fee that our clients appreciate:

  • Expenseless experience for employees and one app for personal & business use.
  • Automated policy and employee management.
  • Tools to monitor and accelerate Uber savings.
  • Data-rich reporting for administrators.
  • 24/7 premium business support and monthly billing options.

UBER for business also allows you to pre-reserve cars for a group of travelers. All the admin needs is the cell phone number of each traveler so that they receive a message on their phone advising them of the driver information and when it’s due to arrive.


With Lyft, these are the top 5 benefits we hear from our clients:

  • Easy expensing with Concur, Expensify and others.
  • $15 personal credit when employee sets up a business profile as well as personal incentives from Lyft Business and partners.
  • Detailed ride information and downloadable reports for easy reconciliation.
  • Tools and support are provided at no additional cost.
  • $1M insurance policy on all rides, DMV background checks on drivers and several other safety measures.

We can help

Are you interested in simplifying a frequently expensed item in business travel, helping your employees save time, and get accurate ground transportation reports? Contact us to confirm a path that is best for you and your travelers.

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