Duty of Care

Corporate travel security, risks, best practices

Casto Webinar
Unfortunate events happen around the world, all of the time. Are your business travelers prepared? 

Duty of Care is a company’s obligation to protect its employees from risk. Companies have a duty of care to employees that includes ensuring that they are safe and looked after while travelling on business. When employees work across borders, duty of care involves risk management beyond the usual health and safety requirements of a familiar environment.

What is your company doing about ‘Duty of Care’ and security for your travelers? While cost savings are important, Duty of Care is a top priority for today’s traveler. Corporations are being held responsible to ensure employee safety when traveling on the behalf of their employers. 

It is vital for your company to know where your business travelers are at any given time and to craft a program to address your corporate, legal and ethical obligations for the wellbeing of your employees. As a travel management company, Casto makes it a priority to keep our travel clients informed and safe.

By protecting your employees, your most valuable asset, you are protecting your business financial and reputational risks. One of the world's leading international healthcare, medical and travel security services firm is International SOS which focuses on helping organizations and their people reduce exposure to, and mitigate, risks while travelling abroad. Their services include pre-travel information, pre-travel health programs, travel safety education, advice, medical equipment and assistance services.

We have partnered with International SOS, the world’s leading medical and travel security assistance company, because we take your travelers’ safety seriously, and so should you. 

Earlier this year, Casto Travel and International SOS presented an overview of today’s travel security and international risks that corporations should be aware of as well as recommendations on best practices for travel programs. 

View the video for more information and contact your Casto Account Manager to discuss your needs.