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Fly rights (airline responsibilities)

The U.S. Department of Transportation provides a document informing individuals of their 'Fly-Rights'. You can read their consumer guide to air travel by visiting:

Online airline check-in

Online check-in tips:

  • Typically available 24-hours prior to flight until 30-90 minutes before departure time.
  • Allows you to print boarding pass ahead of time, saving you time at the airport.
  • Some airlines offer the option of downloading your boarding pass to your phone.
  • Typically able to change/confirm your seat assignment.

Airline check-in links:

Checked baggage fees

Checked baggage tips:

  • Checked baggage policies vary by airline, destination, frequent flyer status, booking class, bag size, bag weight and possible other reasons.
  • Fees may apply, including if (1) you plan to check a bag or (2) you plan to carry sports equipment of an odd-shaped items or (3) your bag exceeds airline weight limits.

Find updated baggage fee information for your airline:

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