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Wellness and incentive offerings for businesses

Bizcation is a concept Casto has created as a way for companies and organizations to provide the benefit of vacations to their employees and members. Based on the importance of helping introduce the corporate world to the vacation world, we created our Bizcation service.

Casto is a leader in the travel space and a recognized provider of corporate and leisure services.

Bizcation benefits all companies and organizations regardless of size, location, industry, and whether or not they have corporate travelers.

Vacations are better than a generic gift card, they provide a real opportunity to get away, recharge and create memories that last a lifetime.

Elena, Bizcation Lead

What does Bizcation offer?

Under the Bizcation umbrella, our offerings fall into two categories: wellness and incentives / rewards.


It is important to recognize the hours employees put in to ensure your company is thriving. We sometimes fail to realize that employees, regardless of their level within the company, need to take time away from the office and the stresses of their work environment.

Studies show that employees who take time away from work and their typical day-to-day life come back from a vacation recharged, refreshed, and ready to be even more productive. Some employees have even stated that after a long time away from the office, they sometimes miss the office atmosphere and end up looking forward to going back to the office.

Taking breaks also decreases the chances of employees experiencing burnout. By allowing their minds and bodies to recover from the stresses that work may impose, there is a positive jump start to their mentality upon returning.

We are here to work with you to create a working environment that promotes, even advocates, taking breaks and utilizing vacation time.


Aside from recognizing the amount of hours employees put in, it is also important to take notice of all their hard work and dedication to the company.

We can work with you to create programs that recognize the hard work of your employees and use vacation as a way to thank them for their dedication. Your company may have seasoned employees where you can take the opportunity to celebrate their milestones. The first year at a new company is a time where employees and employers find out how both will work together and if the relationship will succeed. Reaching double digits with a company is another milestone because it means that there has been a decade of dedication and loyalty.

Aside from celebrating the employee’s loyalty to the company, it is important to also recognize when goals are met. A common goal to set is that of sales. Instead of only rewarding the employees with the most sales, we find that it can be even more rewarding and result in a better overall outcome if an employee who meets a goal is entered into a raffle to win a vacation (typically set at a specific amount of value). Why this method? If the same sales person sells the highest amount every year, then only one person is being rewarded; if a raffle is put into place, then others are given the opportunity to be recognized too.

Why work with Casto?

Extraordinary Access: Land a coveted table in Tokyo or enjoy a private hot air balloon safari in Kenya. With our insider connections you'll have incredible access during your entire journey.

Exclusive Privileges: From an invite to an exclusive onboard party to a complimentary breakfast at your beach villa, these are just a few of the perks you can expect as our privileged guest.

Exceptional Value: Discerning travelers have an appreciation for comfort and quality. No matter where you wish to go, we ensure that your vacations meets your needs and desires at the very best value.

Peace of Mind: Whether you explore the antarctic or rejuvenate on the shores of Fiji, knowing that someone is handling the details lets you travel with confidence.

Bizcation Sets You Apart

Bizcation offers overall wellness for the people that keep your company moving forward.

Allowing and encouraging your employees to take vacations and providing them with opportunities to do so shows them that you care, you appreciate what they do, and you recognize the importance of taking a break. Through Bizcation, we help you to help your employees make the effort to improve their work-life balance.

Knowing your company cares about its employees, those who are currently in the organization are more likely to stay. With that being said, wellness and incentive / reward offerings will also be attractive to candidates as well.

Our Bizcation offers can be created according to the needs of your employees and wants of your company. Please contact us to discuss ideas!

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