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  At Casto Group Travel, we negotiate air, car, and hotel contracts on your behalf. Casto has its own contracts in place with various vendors which are passed along to you, or, we can negotiate discounts on your behalf that can represent savings up to 15%. We're pleased to negotiate custom agreements that best reflect your needs and program requirements. We offer meeting contracts, block space agreements, free sell with discounts, zone fares, and Business and First Class discounted airfares. With our industry clout, we are poised to extend extremely competitive air, hotel, car, and ground transportation rates in an effort to maximize your cost savings. We can also help you utilize your existing contracts and ensure compliance with your preferred agreements.

Vendor negotiation services include:

  • Airline contracts
  • Hotel block agreements
  • Car rental discounts
  • Ground transportation agreements: shuttles, sedans, and limousines