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A team of Casto’s Leisure Division attended the six-day Virtuoso Conference held again in Las Vegas at the Bellagio Hotel & Resort. A fully conceived concept — classes to enhance our skills and knowledge base, 4-minute meetings for four days , five-hours daily, face-to-face sessions with tour partners, tourism offices as well as internationally renowned hoteliers. We even met owners of some of the world’s most prestigious international family of privately-owned properties.

Virtuoso is a gathering of some of the top travel experts from around the world who are all part of this quality organization of similarly-minded professionals. In concert with top-grade airlines, in-country-based travel organizers offering their services to us on behalf of our clients as well as with adventure tour organizers, top-notch cruise lines and eco-conscious travel firms, this six-day conference brought our already excellent skill-levels up a number of notches.

We gathered at this ‘once a year meeting’ to absorb and bring back to our colleagues valuable knowledge so that the entire team here at Casto can find even more “right places, right locations, right hotels or right trips” for our clients.

It was a heady time and the Leisure team here at Casto is even better prepared to offer Travel par Excellence …. sculpted just for you. Travel wishes or even unrealized dreams are easier to discover than ever.


  1. Mahi Says:

    Nice article, Conference is necessary to share valuable knowledge.

  2. Hermie Says:

    I think its really a good news especially for those who needs to usually travel from time to time. Keep it up Virtuoso !

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